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From just an idea to a battle-tested Web3 product, Timacum is here to help - every step of the way.

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Our Work

Globetrotter Polar Bears NFTs : Building a metaverse brand

GPB website screenshotGPB website screenshot

The new era of online sports betting platforms

Betrust website screenshotBetrust website screenshot

Reimagining the DeFi experience.

Making deals straight from your pocket.

Seal the Deal app screenshotSeal the Deal app screenshot

Creating a 3D experience for visitors of the museum.

NCMA website screenshotNCMA website screenshot

We understand the intricacies of software development inside-out. That’s why we can provide a wide range of services, from discovery phase and UX research, to building rock-solid Mobile and Web applications enriched with user-centered visual experiences.

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How can we help you?

Our team consists of talented designers and developers, who all work together to bring you these fine, high quality experiences. We always strive to evolve our technologies and skillset to draw out the best in our work.

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Complete back and front-end development

Reliability and expertise of our development teams lets us create fully interactive and responsive applications that are well built and run smoothly.

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UI and UX design

We create well thought out digital experiences which we shape and mold into detailed and modern user interface designs.