Pocket full of deals


Seal the Deal

Seal the Deal is a safe and easy way to make a deal with another person via mobile device.

Our goal was to adapt the real life deal making experience to a mobile environment, while making it effortless and secure for users to conduct business with each other.




Branding/ UI/ UX/ Development

Intuition for decision

There are many ways that people can exchange business documents online and work together in correspondence, but a secure way to for both parties to agree upon the deal and conclude it online is still a feature that is not available to users in this day and age.

We wanted to tackle this problem and create a solution that will enable users to have a secure and transparent way to make deals on the go.

We designed an intuitive UX that provides users with enough familiarity in order to help them navigate effortlessly through the application. We have directed the user flow in a way that enables them to access their contacts and suggest or receive deal-offers fast and with no sidewinding.

It was important for us that the user has a clear path towards making a best possible decision. We wanted to translate and adapt user’s intuition into a digital experience and support the decision making process as much as possible.

Sealed, delivered and secured

In order for users to make a deal with another party straight from their pocket, we had to grant transparency for all parties involved and make the technology behind it reliable and secure.

Once the deal is made, it gets uploaded on the IPFS network and its hash is saved on Ethereum blockchain. Existence of the unique hash guarantees that nobody can make changes to the deal, making it sealed and protected from any kind of mangling.

Future of mobile deal making

World is moving really fast and being able to do business on the go and have a secure and reliable way of doing it is a necessity of the current age we live in. Creating a product that is reliable and serves the necessities of a modern day business person was our vision for Seal the Deal.

With blockchain technology granting transparency and security and intuitive design enabling the ease of use, we were able to create a tool that everybody can use to improve their business.