Globetrotter Polar Bears NFTs : Building a metaverse brand



People from the GPB team had a vision of 3D Utility NFTs that bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds and can expand the revolution in asset ownership and representation in the digital world.

We were able to understand their needs and create a unique Web3 experience for their community developing the custom product solution that can be a leader on the market.




Discovery/ UX-UI/ Smart contract dev/ Back-end/ Front-end

Crafting a Vision: The Origin of GPB

In the initial planning stage, we worked closely with GPB's founder team. The goal of this stage was to match our discovery process with their long-term marketing goals. We kept this connection consistent in the design phase as well.

In collaborative brainstorming sessions, we discovered key features of the product, planned the structure of the smart contract, and created detailed wireframes of the application flow.

This thorough planning helped us design a user experience that supports GPB's marketing plan and gave us a clear strategy and schedule for design and development of the application.

Designing the GPB's 3D Experience

The GPB founders came up with pre-made 3D models and wanted to use their full potential when designing the web application

Our team designed and developed a solution to incorporate these models into the website flow, allowing dynamic camera shifts and views based on user scroll activity. This solution provided an engaging and guided user experience.

The main aim was to build a 3D web interface that embodies the project's metaverse synergy and accentuates its crucial aspects.

The Development Phase of GPB's 3D Utility NFTs

This custom made interface built in React served as the gateway to the collection of 7878 unique Globetrotter Polar Bear NFTs.

Our team leveraged blockchain technology to implement a custom smart contract design, ensuring secure and transparent transactions with a dynamic front end that could respond to the certain functions when called from the smart contract.

In our quest to meet the client's needs, we designed and developed a dynamic front end that flawlessly blended with the intricate world of 3D utility NFTs. A Mongo base was utilised for efficient data management, while Merkle tree whitelisting was incorporated to strengthen security.

NFTs and Sustainability: A New Web3 Metaverse Brand Vision by GPB

The idea behind this brand is that it should not only thrive in the digital metaverse but also brings tangible value into real life, intertwining the physical and digital worlds in an innovative manner.

One of the key aspects of this endeavour is the founders’ vision of incorporation of loyalty programs, fostering a strong, engaged community.

Moreover, the brand is purposefully aligned with sustainable energy projects, reflecting the commitment to environmentally responsible operations and the idea that as a NFT holder you can help reduce the carbon footprint.

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