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We help you build and maintain strong relationships with your customers.

Storytelling, strategy and planning

Modern times demand modern means. The question to ask yourself is no more “Should I go digital?” but “What’s the right way for me to do it?”. Medium and technology can change but one thing remains the same throughout - connecting with your customers and bringing them value is something that you need to be always doing.

We can help you create a modern-day means for establishing deeper and meaningful relationships with your customers.

From an online shopping experience to mobile-centric web applications, digital products are shaping our day to day life in a rapid pace. The products that succeed are the ones whose story deeply resonates with the world.

Here at Timacum, we work with you on creating your story and building a strategy that plans out the digital journey of your customer.

It’s not just about the looks - functional design

To take people on a great journey, digital products need to feel natural and intuitive. If you don’t figure out how to use them from the first take, you will most likely very soon forget about ever encountering them.

To establish a connection with a product, people need to feel that they already know how to use it. We need to avoid confusion and dead-ends when creating the user experience and because of that, we look at the user’s intuition for guidance to create a flow that feels familiar and brings value to the user.

When designing the user interface, we are looking at that process as a continuation of a story your brand is telling the customers. We craft interfaces that complement that story and create a journey that engages and brings people back to your product - creating strong connections along the way.

A smooth journey with technology you can rely on

What makes a user experience great and valuable is the fact that when created - it works without interruption - it just flows. Technology needs to enable that flow and speed so that people feel your product is working for them and not the other way around.

When creating any kind of digital experience -web, mobile, E-commerce, local apps, etc. - we use technology to create a product that runs smoothly and that your customers can rely on.

Reliability and functionality of the product is something we take great care of here at Timacum.

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