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Blockchain White-Label Solution - Seal the Deal

Blockchain white label solution -Seal the Deal is a mobile application that lets you make a deal with another person in a safe and transparent way.

Seal the deal is a new-generation digital product that provides you with a possibility to transform and improve your existing work processes.

We are able to create a custom solution design to suit your brand and business needs by utilizing our blockchain white label solution.

Copy of a copy of a copy - A centralization problem

Sending documents online and legal correspondence is currently a process done in a centralized database environment where multiple copies of data are being created every time we send or receive a digital representation of a document.

All of our obligations, agreements, and signed deals exist in a centralized environment and just represent a double copy of document two or more parties signed.

Digital transformation with a decentralized product solution

With Seal The Deal we turned the tables around by using open-source Blockchain technology for creating a platform in a decentralized database environment.

This approach enabled us to transform the process into a secured and transparent loop that excludes third parties and enables you to create an immutable and unique decentralized digital document together with your clients and customers.

Being on the same page with your customers, clients, and employees

Seal The Deal puts you on the same page with your clients and customers digitally - where you can edit the content of the page, suggest changes, and at the end agree or disagree together.

When both parties come to a mutual agreement, the document is sealed, secured, and unchangeable from that moment onward. It exists in a decentralized system where nobody can change its content after the process of mutual agreement is reached.

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In this decentralized way of digital legal correspondence, you will have more transparency and security in your process and improve relationships with your clients, customers, and employees.

Seal The Deal Framework

Creating your custom Blockchain application - Adaptable and customizable user-experience

Your custom digital product solution needs to fit your specific business model and scale properly.

By using our Seal the Deal user experience framework, we are able to adapt current and create new user-flows that fit the specific needs of your business.

We design the user-flow that suits you and adjusts accordingly to create a functional and intuitive environment for future users in the process of wireframing your custom solution.

Embracing the needs of your brand

We create your custom product solution by implementing your brand’s guidelines by working together with you and your team.

We create a unique visual experience that naturally tells the story of your brand, making sure that your core values are truly represented.

Having in mind your current brand awareness, your target audience, and your current customer base, we work together to implement your brand identity into a modern user interface design.

Powered by Blockchain technology

Finally, we implement the technology that brings it all together, evolves your work processes and improves the end-results.

Using Seal the Deal’s unique functionalities we provide your custom Blockchain application with a needed engine that runs it smoothly.

Developing using Ethereum and IPFS platforms, we transform your work processes into a unique digital experience that brings more value to you and your business.

Support along the way

After quality assurance and testing we help you get your custom Dapp out to the world and into the hands of your customers. With the service and maintenance, we provide you with, our team and infrastructure will make sure you are safe and secured for growth and further development.

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