Express your individuality



Coming from Sweden, Trelupi is an online clothing shop with a distinct voice that needs to be heard in the digital world.

They understand the power of fashion and potential locked in the unlimited nature of individual’s need to express their true self.




UI/ UX/ Development

Find yourself without wondering

Using fashion as a language of self-expression, they give the means to one’s need to communicate values and their attitude to the world. We combined our powers in order to create a reliable and well-designed platform that will inspire current and future customers in their pursuit of expressing their identity to the world.

While browsing with an intention to find a suitable piece of clothing, user's attention and motivation can be easily diminished if there is a discontinuity in the online shopping experience. From being lost in navigation, or having a visual discontinuity of style when going to the purchase page - any case of demotivating user experience can hurt the brand and lower the possibility to have a great conversion rate at the end.

A complete buying process needed to be helpful and non-distracting. Right from the start we made it possible for the users to access the shop and start exploring the offer.

A seamless shopping experience

From entering the shop, and all the way to the checkout, the user is able to easily browse the categories of clothing pieces, have a detailed look from different angles and make a purchase - all in one seamless experience.

We managed to create an online shopping experience that doesn’t distract the users from enjoying the looks and feels of collection and a place where users could explore themselves and their style without being distracted or lost in the process.

Journey of self-expression

Trelupi understands that the journey of their customers is one they take every day in exploring themselves - finding new and unique ways for communicating their feelings and identity using fashion.

Together, we were able to create a digital journey that lets the user search, find and claim their style and identity, being free to get what they need in order to fully project to the world who they truly are.