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Divine collaboration - Statue of Bacchus



Bacchus is the Roman god of wine, theater and vegetation and also a recently restored statue at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

We had an incredible journey while working together with NCMA and Scansite3D on creating a virtual experience that shows the visitors every intricate detail of this historic piece of art.

People from the museum had a clear vision they approached us with - create an application that anybody from 9 – 99 years old could understand and be able to use intuitively.




UI/ UX/ Development

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Chance to take a closer look

When in a museum, due to the fragile nature of some exhibits you can never get close enough in order to inspect every detail from a wanted angle. Also, written information on museum labels is limited and does not always allow visitors to get a broader understanding of a complex work art and its history. We needed to provide visitors with the possibility to view the statue up close, from all possible angles and help them find the valuable contextual answers about questions they might ask:

How old is it? Is everything made of marble? What was the restoration process like? Can we zoom in for the details?

We needed to create an application that would welcome visitor’s curiosity and let them fully explore the statue in a way that without it would not be fully possible due to the museum's regulation about the safety and security of the statue and because of short accompanying labels.

Together with NCMA and Scansitte3D we designed and developed the application in such a way that users can get answers they need and feel encouraged to continue looking and experiencing the exhibit that stands in front of them. Via touchscreen, placed in front of the exhibit by using finger gestures on the screen, users are now able to zoom in and zoom out, rotate the statue from every angle and also get information in multimedia about its history, conservation and restoration process.

In collaboration with people from Scansite3D, who together with the NCMA created the 3D models of the statue, we were able to create a local web application that every visitor of the museum can intuitively explore and get the information about Bacchus - all in one place.

Colossal work

Stefan Pavlović, developer here at Timacum, was the main driver behind this project and in direct collaboration with people from NCMA and Scansite3D, he was able to create a 3D, fully interactive local web application, that is easy to use and runs smoothly. From the implementation of 3D models to the detailed work on features and overall functionality of the user interface, Stefan did a truly amazing job we feel really proud about.

We would like to say how much we appreciate his talent and hard work that made this project possible, and also thank people from NCMA and Scansite3D for giving us their trust and support throughout the entire process.

Timacum was able to fit years of research conducted on the NCMA Statue of Bacchus, presented through texts, photographs, videos, and a photogrammetized stereolithographic model of the statue made by Scansite, into an engaging digital interactive.

The user-friendly ElectronJS application can be maintained easily by museum staff and enjoyed by visitors now and in the future, wherever the statue will be displayed.

Marko, Stefan and the Timacum team met all our product delivery goals with professionalism and enthusiasm."

- Caroline Rocheleau, Bacchus Conservation Project Director, North Carolina Museum of Art